Our Staff

We believe that one key to a successful preschool  is the quality of the staff. Teachers are chosen to be a part of Wisteria Preschool - based on experience, degrees, personality, their love for children, and their diligence. Teaching social skills, acceptable behavior and appropriate responses is an important part of our curriculum and a teacher's value system is a priority because first and foremost, we are character builders.

Our goal at Wisteria Preschool is to provide an environment that stimulates children to learn and challenges staff to excel.Our faculty is diverse, international, talented, creative and committed: they are the ones guiding students, and our world toward a better future. Teachers foster children's involvement in the processes of exploration and evaluation. The teacher's role is to observe and understand each child as they pursue their own path. In this way, the child will move through various stages of independence, while the teacher will "help the child to act, will and think for himself".

We believe that one key to a