About Us

Wisteria Preschool has been founded by a family of educators with over 40 years of cumulative early childhood experience. We are a family run business, where education is not a business but our passion. Wisteria's mission is to “inspire socially capable, creative learners who can shape the future and be global citizens” through our unique combination of the Reggio Emilia pedagogy and the Montessori Curriculum framework.


Our approach promotes a lifelong passion for arts and an inquiry based education which provides a foundation for all future learning. Using arts, hand on activities, interdisciplinary studies, we foster critical and creative thinking skills and a joy for learning. Our program gives our students both the academic and the socio-emotional skills they will need to thrive and fulfill their unique potential.


While it is quite apparent that schools today must do more to engage students' desire to learn, it is also alarming that many schools struggle to align their vision, mission, core values, and educational practices with this idea. Our goal is to have oneness in all areas of learning. At Wisteria Preschool, we have great clarity about the ways we engage children’s multiple intelligence and inspire their motivation to learn. Our teachers are skilled collaborators that support and guide children.


At Wisteria, we don’t view children as empty vessels that we fill with information, but as learners.  If you can help a child get to the answer by themselves then they will never forget it -- they will own their own learning experience and it will stay with them.  


At Wisteria, we also share a common mission with the global community to change the world through education. Our faculty is diverse, international, talented, creative and committed: they are the ones guiding students, and our world toward a better future.


At Wisteria, our little ones ask challenging questions,  we teach them to think innovatively and creatively. Our students are at the center of the learning process: and they fill us with joy and wonder every day. students will grow to be kind, wise, and intelligent, and they will make this world a better place.

At Wisteria, We Believe "School is not just a preparation for life; it is life itself"