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Community Involvement

In the Reggio Emilia philosophy, there is a lot of emphasis on the role of community.

This includes family involvement and supporting local organizations to create and

foster a strong sense of community.


Wisteria Preschool is a women run business founded, owned and run by three

women: A mother and her 2 daughters.

    Gendap Exhibit: Each pair represents 10,000 missing women and girls

Being a Reggio school, we strongly believe that oneness between our educational and personal philosophies must be manifested through active participation and involvement with organizations that value and share similar principles. We also believe that education and women empowerment are crucial catalysts for social change.

This is the reason we support a local non profit named Gendap.  Gendap is a Dallas based non profit organization that strives to raise awareness about gendercide, educate girls and empower women.  "Gendercide,"  refers to the elimination of females in certain parts of the world through sex-selective abortion, gross neglect, needless maternal death, and the sheer inability of older women, particularly widows, to access food and shelter. Despite its cruelty, the crime passes under the radar because it occurs within the privacy of the family against a voiceless victim.

We are proud to support Gendap so we can make a difference and help children in other parts of the world afford an education that empowers them and liberates them from the shackles of poverty and gender inequality. At Wisteria, we celebrate our children's birthdays by making a donation to Gendap for each child on their birthday, so we can make our little ones' special day also special for those less fortunate than us. We also donate part of the proceeds from our annual Hundred Language Exhibition to Gendap.


If you too would like to Support Gendap, please click on the link below:

About Gendercide Awareness Project


126 MILLION women & girls are "missing" (dead) from the world population due to severe discrimination and lack of basic human rights -- in other words due to social, man-made causes. That figure comes from the UN Population Fund. That's more deaths than World War I and World War II combined. It's 3.7% of the global female population -- a staggering loss. 


There is cause for hope. The fact that gendercide is a socially created, man-made problem means that it is a fixable problem. With this in mind, the Gendercide Awareness Project focuses on:


1) Raising awareness, particularly through our traveling art exhibit

2) Taking action by educating at-risk girls in developing countries.


We believe that educating girls is the best long-term strategy for ending gendercide. With education and job skills, girls are transformed from economic burdens to economic assets, and they are better positioned to fight for equal rights.  We support schools and scholarship programs for at-risk girls in six developing countries:  Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal, India, Uganda, and Guatemala.  Watch this video to learn more about our Girls’ Education Program.

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